1. If you have  CKD, lymphedema or another conditions where arm protection is desired, educate yourself and your family about your condition.

2.Notify your family and friends about your condition and also about the importance of speaking on your behalf if you are incapacitated or distracted  and cannot tell healthcare personnel about your condition.

3. Carry a portable medication,medication allergy and medical problem list that prominently instructs healthcare personnel to “Save The Arm”.

4. Consistently wear a visual alert device, such as Save the Arm “Alert”  Safe Sleeves or Save the Arm “Alert” Safe Tape to alert medical personnel and the public to avoid anything which might traumatize the arm.

5. Speak up!  Never allow anyone to perform an invasive technique on your arm without your consent and full understanding and awareness of what is going to happen and the risks and benefits involved.  It’s your body!  It’s your arm! Assure that  your physician and their office staff are fully aware of your condition and have a system in place to assure that this information is transmitted consistently to other healthcare providers.

6. In the event that you are admitted to a hospital or emergency room or require EMS transport, assure that staff are aware of your condition, that they use visual devices to identify the arm, that they alert staff to your condition and that they always ask prior to any needle stick or injection, PICC line placement or IV placement or potentially traumatizing event to an arm if the site they are acting upon is the correct site.  Remember to Speak Up!   Its your arm!

 7. Educate friends and families.  Tell your story. Help empower others with similar conditions that may not know about the importance of limb protection strategies.

8. Join the Save the Arm campaign.  Pass it on by Joining us on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Display Save The Arm stickers and materials prominently. Tell the world why this is important to you.

9. Sponsor a Save The Arm awareness campaign in your area. Save The Arm “Alert” Safety Sleeves  and Save The Arm “Alert” Safety Tape make wonderful visual aids to help get the message out. Educate. Inspire. Lead.

10. Partner with you healthcare community and the larger community in areas such as the Save The Arm Community Forum where you can talk to others with conditions like your as well as those wanting to learn more.