Become a Registered  Save The Arm (TM) Institution:

How to Register:

1. Sign up as a health care institution, company, insurance company, medical practice, phlebotomy provider organization, or other type of registrant.

2. Download the Save The Arm (TM)  Participating Institution materials. (Fee required)

3. Implement the Save The Arm (TM)  Participating Institution materials within the organization. Materials include campaign posters, wallet cards and purchased merchandise.

Become a Certified  Save The Arm(TM) Institution:

How To Become Certified:

1. To obtain certification, the institution, company or entity must first be registered.  See here, for “How To Register”.  The fee for download of materials is included in the Certification fee.

2. To obtain certification, the entity must agree to submit data to Save The Arm for the next 36 months regarding the number of Save The Arm interventions that have occurred and the number of incidents involving preventable arm related injuries (this information is private and only reported to the organization).  Some of these statistics will be reported in aggregate for all the certified organizations.

3. Pay the certification fee. This fee is in two parts. At the start of certification and at the end of certification. Following certification the institution will be listed as a Certified Institution and may list itself as such in it’s publications and marketing materials.

4. Achieve a minimum 80% pass rate by 80%  or more of staff involved in IV access, PICC Line Access, phlebotomy and/or injections.

5. Agree to Save The Arm (TM)  Code of Conduct for staff and incorporate the 5 A’s and EASE into training policies and procedures.

6. Participate in at least one Save The Arm (TM) related Process Improvement Project within 36 months and publish findings on the Save The Arm (TM)  site and/or the institutions website.

To Visit our Current Save The Arm (TM)  Registered and Certified Institutions click here.

To Visit our Current Save The Arm (TM)  Registered and Certified Institutions click here.

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