Every day preventable accidents and injuries occur to patients which involve the use of intravenous access devices, injections, blood draws and the use of occlusive devices. These injuries are often  tragic, have long lasting implications for patients and medical staff and in almost all instances,  are all  completely preventable.

Save The Arm(TM) is dedicated to the prevention of injuries which befall persons with certain medical conditions who require avoidance of injections, needle sticks, intravenous line access placement  PICC line placement and/or placement of blood pressure cuffs or occlusive devices in an arm as these can lead to injury.  Arm injuries can occur in the present ( e.g. such as injury to a persons arm with lymphedema) or in the future (e.g. in the case where an arm might be ruined by interventions for future percutaneous dialysis access).

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