Cut To Order Disposable Save The Arm (TM) Alert Safety Sleeves are supplied as boxed rolls of cotton tubing designed to fit over an arm. The tubing displays the Save The Arm logo on the outside and the words No PICC, No Stick, No IV this side.  Several sizes of tubing are available and allow customization to the individual patient’s arm.

Cut to Order Disposable Save The Arm (TM) Alert Safety Sleeves are designed to be used in situations where the need for a more permanent product is not practical or unavailable. Safety Sleeves serve as visual cues and forcing functions and help to direct staff away from working on the non-preferred side.  They are especially helpful for use in patients who are unable to communicate effectively with staff and in situations where multiple hand-offs of patients will or is likley occur.

Cut to Order Disposable Save The Arm (TM) Alert Safety Sleeves come as boxed continuous rolls for adults and children in three basic sizes: Small diameter, Medium Diameter and Large Diameter. An Extra Large Diameter is available for adults and may be special ordered. The Cut To Order Products also come with the three adult sizes or three children sizes as part of the Save The Arm wall kits. for more information on ordering Cut to Order Disposable Save The Arm (TM) Alert Safety Sleeves  and/or  other Save The Arm (TM) Safety Products please go here or contact us for more information.

All Save The Arm (TM) Safety Products are designed to work with Save The Arm (TM) Safety Methodologies to reduce injury to patients with lymphedema, in need of future or current hemo-dialysis access and/or protected upper extremity conditions.

Please read and adhere to the directives contained within this product disclaimer and follow the instructions regarding Save The Arm(TM) Safety products in the disclaimer.


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