Alert Safety Sleeves are full length sleeves that patients can wear over the arm in which they should not receive IV access, excessive trauma or pressure, needle sticks and/or PICC line placement.

Alert Safety Sleeves come in two basic varieties:  Cut to Order Disposables and Pre-Made

Cut To Order Safety Sleeves come in rolls and consist of a hypoallergenic cotton sleeve that can be cut at the point of use and fitted to the patients arm. This creates a visible barrier and visual cue.

Cut to Order Safety Sleeves are generally used when:

  • Frequent changes are required and/or;
  • The sleeve will only be used for very short time periods; and/or
  • A customized option is required.

Pre-Made Alert Safety Sleeves come in boxes individually packaged and are designed to cover the entire forearm and back of hand and to extend above the elbow, thus creating a visible barrier and visual cue which must be removed for access to be considered. As such they Pre-Made Alert Safety Sleeves are the most reliable product in upper extremity injury prevention. Pre-Made Alert Safety Sleeves are hypoallergenic, washable and re-wearable.

Pre-Made Alert Safety Sleeves are generally used when:

  • Longer use of a safety sleeve is desired (e.g. patient in the the ER or in surgery) and/or;
  • Patients requires a long term semi-permanent solution to protect an upper extremity and/or;
  • A more durable upper extremity protection product is needed that is more likely to stay in pace and is not prone to migrate on the arm.

Save The Arm(TM) Alert Safety Sleeves are emblazoned with the SAVE THE ARM (TM) logo and slogan which says:

“Save the Arm.  STOP! No Stick, No IV,  No PICC, This Side!”  and emblem.

All sleeves are manufactured of lightweight, low-friction, hypoallergenic material and come in a variety of sizes and languages.

Save The Arm( TM) Alert Safety Sleeves can also be worn as a part of the patient’s everyday wear when they are not wearing  a compression device, or when additional information is needed, they can be applied over a compression device. Alert Safety Sleeves may be ordered  in the following quantities:

  • Wall Display Units
  • Single Refill Packs
  • Bulk Packs
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