At Save The Arm(TM) we belive that upper extremity injuries are entirely preventable but require a proactive and orderly plan of action in order to mitigate against  their occurrence.  These interventions include:

  • Awareness and understanding of the disease process:  Save The Arm (TM) methodology encourages early identification of the people and the conditions that are at greatest risk for injury and the determining factors which commonly contribute to these  injuries.
  • Systemic planning and initiation of safeguard measures: Save the Arm (TM) has developed interventions that should help to reduce preventable upper extremity injuries from occurring.
  • Engineering Combined with Education and Methodology: Whenever possible, the implementation of “hardwired” functions that significantly reduce or prevent injury from occurring are preferred over any single solution. By combining a product with a process and an educational platform the robustness and reliability of safety can be enhanced. Save The Arm (TM) Products and Solutions are designed to reduce the chance that injury can occur.
  • Human Factors and System Design:  A better understanding of the roles that human factors and system design play in preventable injury to patients at risk for upper extremity conditions is critical. By collecting stories and data Save The Arm hopes to develop robust knowledge in the role of human factors and system design in the prevention of preventable upper extremity injuries. Save The Arm(TM) Methodologies incorporate system design and human factors features into an enhenced safety platform.
  • Continuous Process Improvement: Ongoing improvement in the safety science regarding the prevention of preventable upper extremity injuries is necessary. Save The Arm is devloping metrics and evaluation tools to better understand how to eliminate preventable upper extremity injuries. Become a Registered and Certified Site today and make the world a better place….one arm at a time!
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