1. FISTULA FIRST: A site with many resources for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, aimed at educating and tracking the progress of national efforts to use fistula as a first access source for patients with kidney disease needing per-cutaneous access.  This site helps you find a surgeon skilled in AV fistula placement, provides educational resources regarding chronic kidney disease (CKD) and provides data and tracks regional efforts of the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Networks.

2. NATIONAL CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE FOUNDATION: The National Chronic Kidney Disease Foundation provides a wealth of educational and outreach resources for patients, family, providers and researchers who are affected by Chronic Kidney Disease.

3. NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION KIDNEY DISEASE OUTCOME QUALITY INITIATIVE (NKF K/DOQI) 2000: Year 2000 guidelines and evidence for interventions in patient with chronic kidney disease.

4. CREATANINE CLEARANCE AND GFR CALCULATOR: A online calculator which calculates creatinine clearance and GFR using several different estimates.

5. RENAL.ORG: A great site with abundant resources for patients, researchers and providers originating in the UK.

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