Posters are designed to be used to increase patient and staff awareness and typically utilize iconic collective commons artwork that has undergone a mash-up proces as the basis.  Enhance the clinical experience for your patients and your staff today and order!


A. Rosie The Riveter Save The Arm (TM) Poster.

The Rosie the Riveter series of now iconic posters employed a picture of a determined looking woman with her arm bent and sleeve  rolled up and hair tied back in a kerchief with the words “We Can Do It” posted below.   The posters were commonly displayed in Allied World War II homeland industrial productivity campaigns to encourage women to consider labor based jobs that had traditionally been assigned to men.  With many men off fighting the war and increased war based industrial production demands at home, women were asked to take on roles such as assembly line work, machining, truck driving and heavy equipment operations. The posters of “Rosie” were likely inspired by a popular song of the era called “Rosie the Riveter” which was written by Regg Evans and John Jacob Loeb and popularized by big band leader Kay Kyser.

Today Rosie lives on as an American cultural icon and she has been used as a symbol of American determination which could be applied to a variety of causes including liberalism, patriotism and feminism, to name a few.  We at Save The Arm (TM) were so inspired by Rosie’s picture and message that we see her in the context of encouraging us all to join in to reduce the incidence of upper extremity injuries.   To this end, we have altered Rosie’s iconic picture ever so slightly to include the Save The Arm (TM) Logo as a tattoo on her arm and also include the words “We Can Save The Arm (TM)” following her picture.

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